A wonderful village situated on a rocky hill, on the north side of Meganisi


The village of Spartochori is one of the three villages of Meganisi, the largest island in the Lefkada Prigkiponisa complex, which belongs to the wider island complex of Televoids. Access to Meganisi is only from Lefkada, with regular ferry services from Nydri (it takes about 25 minutes).

Spartochori is a wonderful village situated on a rocky hill, on the north side of Meganisi. What makes it special are traditional houses and scenic, labyrinth like alleys. It is built on a hill and has a wonderful panoramic view from which one can see the sea and the impressive natural surroundings of the area. From there, it is worth seeing Spilia, a natural cove with a lovely beach. It is also an ideal place for hiking.

Spartochori has 453 inhabitants and is 3.5 km from Katomeri.


  • Every year on June 23rd and 24th, there is a “Panigiri” (festival) for the celebration of Agios Yiannis.
  • At the end of July, Karagiozis performances take place
  • The first Sunday of August begins a 5x5 championship lasting a week and
  • In the beginning of August a chess evening is organized in Spartochori or Katomeri

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Madouri is a very small, uninhabited island in the Ionian Sea, across busy Nydri of Lefkada. It is located 700 meters off the east coast and belongs to the Municipality of Ellomenos, as well as to the island complexes of Televoid and Prigkiponisa.

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Skorpios is a small but well-known Ionian island located in the southern mouth of the Alexandros bay of Lefkada. It belongs to the Televoid and Prigkiponisa island complexes. On the northern side of Skorpios is the island of Skorpidi, which belongs to the municipality of Meganisi.

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Abelake Bay

Abelake bay is located on the northeastern side of the picturesque Meganissi. Meganissi is very close to the cosmopolitan resorts of Lefkada, and is definitely one of the most beautiful hidden corners of the Ionian Sea, a place that is not known by many people, yet very hospitable for those who want to spend calm and carefree holidays.

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